Harnessing the power of the sun (and even indoor light) while reducing battery waste, Solar watches are the future.

The newest addition to the line of Nixon Solar watches is the Sentry Solar. It's a complete refresh on one of our most popular watches— the Sentry. And it's available in both leather and stainless steel bands with the new Solar-powered movement.

Keep reading to learn what sets the Sentry Solar apart from other Solar watches, and how it differs from other Sentry models. Throw on some shades and catch some rays.

Behind the Design of Sentry Solar

The original Sentry is one of our most popular and best-selling unisex watch models currently in line.

Available in a classic analog look or with an added chronograph complication, the Sentry is a favorite watch of men and women alike.

Some of the most common customer questions around the Sentry are about the watch’s battery. People want longer lasting batteries and less waste. And that's exactly what we've done with this new Sentry Solar.

Not only have we made the Sentry more sustainable, but we've also revamped the watch case. The Sentry Solar is 1mm thinner than other Sentry models, and 2mm smaller in diameter.

Finally, upgrading the look of your Sentry Solar is easier than ever. We've added quick release watch bands that make swapping your watch strap a breeze. We also added custom, Lum-tip skeleton hands that illuminate in the dark for extra visibility.

Nixon Sentry Solar Stainless Steel

Sentry Solar Stainless Steel

Nixon Sentry Solar Leather

Sentry Solar Leather

The Features that Make Sentry Solar Unique

The main feature that makes the Sentry Solar stand out is, of course, that this watch is powered by light.

Charge your watch with both sunlight and even office light. It doesn't take much for a full charge! Just six hours in direct sunlight is enough to power the Sentry Solar for a full six months.

Who is Sentry Solar For?

Like the other Sentry models, the Sentry Solar is a unisex watch built for young professionals. The Sentry Solar Stainless Steel looks elevated when you have to dress up. And the Sentry Leather is perfect for more casual affairs.

But there's no limit to how the Sentry Solar can be worn! It never looks out of place.

Never be dead with the newest addition. Goodbye battery swaps.

New Nixon Sentry Solar watch features and design.