Men's Military Style Watches

The term "military-grade" in the watch world immediately brings to mind durability and performance. Military watches have specific functionality that must be able to operate under grueling conditions. Nixon's military watches are no different. We worked closely with United States Armed Forces members to design, develop, and test the tactical Regulus. Military watches for men are a popular gift idea for Father's Day, graduation, or birthdays.

Depending on the style you're after, you can choose from military-style watches in analog and digital movements. Our military digital watches feature multiple timers, night-mode illumination, and shock-proof brains to handle any mission you throw at them. Our military analog watches feature dive timers, chronographs, and multiple time zone capabilities.

The early armed forces watches were minimalist, durable timepieces, and Nixon puts a 21st-century spin on this category. By merging utility with a high-design aesthetic, Nixon military watches are ready for any mission, whether that's a night out or a week-long outdoor adventure. Military watches for men are a go-to style for any guy looking to put a little ruggedness into their wardrobe.